Genius NY Team Is Hiring with call to action

AutoModality is a world leader in close-up autonomous drone navigation. They are dedicated to creating autonomous mobile systems that sense, explore and analyze designated locations. AutoModality’s patent pending Perceptive Navigation technology enables its drones to fly in situations previously impossible using traditional manual control or commercially available autopilots.
Drone’s equipped with AutoModality’s technology can get within 3 feet of their designated objects, providing extremely detailed visuals of buildings, bridges, power lines, and large sections of agriculture.

Originally from California, AutoModality is fresh off their wins of the DJI SDK Challenge and the $1 million grand prize from the Genius NY business competition. AutoModality is looking to grow their business in Central New York due to the expanding availability of resources and support for Unmanned Systems.

Central New York is one of the emerging global hubs for Unmanned Aerial Systems and related applications. There are three major anchors for the unmanned aerial systems industry, Fort Drum, New York Air National Guard 174th Attack Wing at Hancock Field, and Griffiss Business and Technology Park. Industry leaders including Lockheed Martin, Saab-Sensis, SRC, Gryphon Sensors, Navaid Technical Services, Moog Systems, and Agile Technology continue to advance the areas unmanned systems technology. AutoModality plans to continue its close work with Griffiss International Airport, just one of seven sites in the United States designated by the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct research related to the safe integration of UAS into the national airspace system.

Current Openings Include: